Godwill Agencies Limited, being one of the leading East Africa’s shipping Companies, offers warehousing services to businesses from all over the world.

What sets us apart from others is our approach. We believe in providing warehousing  services is not just about providing safe storage and handling options to our clients. For us, these services also include endowing well-managed and systematically-controlled packaging and labeling.

We have a broad network of warehousing and distribution channels and partners. This well-built association helps us offer dedicated warehousing solutions across the country and the continent.

Our dedicated or shared warehousing services include bonded warehousing, through which Godwill Agencies Limited stores dutiable goods and manages all the necessary customs regulations on behalf of clients during the period of storage. While in storage, goods may be repacked and consolidated, depending on customer requirements and every shipment in our possession is safe and covered by our bailey and fidelity insurance.

By outsourcing your warehousing and storage needs to Godwill Agencies Limited, you are able to focus on your core business while we assist our clients to create opportunities for business growth, also to accelerate their forward progress against competitors, while expanding their bottom line through our supply chain cost saving initiatives.

Our current range of service capabilities include:

• Access to over 200,000 square feet of warehousing capability
• Inventory management
• Vendor Supply Hubs
• Assembly, Distribution and Fulfilment Programs
• Full packaging capability
• Insurance cover

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